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For any interaction that you want to happen with Ralph, anytime and anyplace within the Luceti world that do not fit into a given post, please use this!

Just give a date and place, and whether this will be via journal or in-person!
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[Accidental Video]

[Ralph happens to be paging through the journal, looking bored as ever. No one's in the room right now, so he feels like there's nothing wrong with picking at his nose a little. Of course, the journal is actually recording all of this. Ralph makes a displeased face.]

Yeesh... still boring. Isn't anything fun going on around here...?

[Then he wipes his finger on one of the pages and the video cuts off.]
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[It started off as an odd morning. There was no sign of Vanellope at all around the apartment. It was a confusing concept: that Vanellope could have gone to school early, or even just woken up early. He spent some time searching the apartment and calling her name, thinking maybe this is just some dumb game she's playing, but no one answers.

Most of her things seem to be gone, too. She couldn't have run off to be a hobo. And eventually he has to face one fact. A fact he initially faces by tearing his room apart in a rage. She's gone. And all he has is her word and Calhoun's word that she's going to really make it out there. That she's going to be okay at all. It's not enough.]


[He reluctantly addresses the journal, at first looking huffy and angry.]

You know Vanellope... candy-haired, Twizzlers for brains? Looks like she went back to her own game. Rotten kid must've used a cheat code.

[A pause. The anger fades for the moment, in favor of an expression more strained and hurt.]

...Aw, who am I kidding? She didn't need to cheat. The kid's a natural. She left some drawings and junk... think they're meant for her friends. You all can come and get 'em yourselves if you want, see if I care. Just... if something doesn't look like it's for you, don't touch it, okay? [He says with a hint of agitation.]


[Perhaps he had the patience for a few journal conversations. But then he winds up instead opting to pummel his journal until it breaks down into pieces.

He's done with this. Absolutely done. All he grabs are his bricks, his medal, and any of the drawings that Vanellope left for him, which he sloppily shoves into his front pocket. Any of the Luceti possessions he has around, he wrecks them too. This whole apartment life, this "bedroom" thing - it's not for him. And he doesn't want that princess girl to talk him out of it. He knows she could be out there if he goes into the hallway. So instead he wrecks a whole in the wall directly to the outside of CH7 and bounds off under the setting sun, lugging only a sack of bricks over his shoulder. He heads towards the farmlands, in search of any surviving burrows he made when he had Faeren. It's time to be alone again.

Just him, his bricks and his stump.]
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[It was a steady progression throughout the first day. First he was freaked out by the wings and seeing the similar change in everyone else. Did they all finally charge their P-Meters enough to fly at the same time?

But he soon finds he's not just freaking out from the wings only. Social interaction in general starts to feel more intimidating than usual, and eventually he just feels the need to get away from it all. He leaves a hastily-scrawn note for Vanellope before making his way out for somewhere to have a getaway.

He finds himself drawn towards the farmlands and along the way discovers his new powers. He finds areas without crops to make into his temporary shelters, by using his earth powers to make small burrows and caves. Maybe there he can truly find some alone time. But whenever someone finds him, he'll be quick to move again. He can't let them all find him.

And in some cases he may accidentally hurt some plant-life - in which he can be seen trying to treat the plant and nurse it back to life in some clumsy and ineffective way.]


Is it really so hard to just be left alone?
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Hey. Um, Luceti guys. I need to talk to all about something. I don't know exactly how to start off, but... You know what? I'll just get out with it.

What's the deal with kids around here? I don't want anything to do with 'em, but at the rate they wind up trying to "be my friend", I'll wind up with a gaggle of 'em following me everywhere in no time! I don't get it. I try being nice. I try being mean. Nothing works in keeping 'em away from me! I'm not fit to do that much babysitting. I'm a bad guy for crying out loud!

I mean... okay, I'm not bad most of the time, and there is one kid I'm kinda lookin' out for. But that's it! That's where I want it to stop. Just one kid! That's my limit. I don't need any more of a headache from the rest of these little gremlins running around when there's a village full of responsible adults and oddly enough teenagers who should be able to handle them much better than me. So what is it? What's the secret, to getting brats to stay away from me?

[He really could care less about the lack of a filter.

And okay maybe you find him browsing the item shop for familiar items from video games, or going to watch Vanellope race at the Battle Dome.]
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[Wreck-It Ralph gets up to another daily routine he's settled into, living on the first floor of Community House 7. He makes sure the kid's awake and okay, then he heads over to the community kitchen to down an entire gallon of milk. And eventually, he manages to split off from Vanellope long enough to find somewhere quiet to address the journals.

He'd been avoiding using the journals too much since he arrived. After all, anyone could recognize him as the bad guy or have sore feelings from the wreckage he caused when he first arrived here in Luceti. But he'd have to face them sooner or later, with that whole Christmas thing coming up. First, there was that Secret Santa thing to worry about. He was assigned someone named "Harry Dresden". And he had no idea who that was. And secondly? There was something he needed to do for the kid for Christmas, too. He'd need all the help he could with that one.

But first? He'd have to face the music. And that meant showing his face on the journals.]


Uh, hey... everybody. All you... Luceti guys. A lot of you may recognize me from that, uh, wrecking I did a few weeks back. Or you might recognize me from that video game, Fix-It Felix Junior. [A small frown; he hasn't met anyone familiar with the game yet here.] Either way, I wanna apologize for, y'know... getting off on the wrong foot with you all. I was in kind of a dark place, and really confused... but long story short, I'm feeling a lot better now! Things are going really good. You don't have to worry about me wrecking things and being "the bad guy" anymore. [He says that complete with finger quotes.] Unless you need one, in which case I guess I could try fitting it into my schedule? My name's Ralph by the way. Wreck-It Ralph. [A pause. He tries waving with one of his giant hands, but his brow furrows with confusion.] Do any of you know my game?

[Filtered from Vanellope van Schweetz and Harry Dresden]

I got two unrelated questions for you guys. Now, this doesn't have anything to do with Christmas or anything. But... first of all, is there anyone here who's an expect at this Battle Dome stuff? I need someone who can help me put together a really, super specific simulation for - uh, for a thing. If you know a lot about go-karts, that's a plus.

Oh! And my second question. Who the heck's Harry Dresden?
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[Action (1)]

Note that this section has potential spoilers for the movie. )

[Action 2]

[Later on, after being calmed from his tantrum, Ralph trudges through town, defeated and feeling ashamed. First day in a new game and already he's been playing the bad guy. So he makes his way through the item and clothing shops, finding one item in the former which gives him a strong, bittersweet feeling, and then he makes his way out of the village. He only stops at Good Spirits for a round of root beers, trying to keep to himself. That evening, with a sack of bricks over his shoulder, he seeks a nice stump to sleep against, in between bouts of the freezing rain.]
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Okay! So. This Permissions post applies to video game characters, primarily those who have been in arcade games.

Here's the general lowdown on Ralph's world; video games exist in their own subworld, each "game" being connected by railroad tracks running through a hub known as Game Cental Station. The film primarily deals with arcade games, although some of the characters who cameo appear to be console-exclusive. The difference between arcades and consoles is not touched upon. But basically, all characters are self-aware that they are in video games. In Toy Story fashion, they act out their roles in the games when people are playing the games. But once the arcade is closed, they act freely, throwing parties or leaving to Game Central Station. They act like punchclock workers and can also visit each other's games. Also, everyone accepts the role they were programmed for without question, to the point where it affects the way they look at each other. This is part of the root of Ralph's problem, since he's a nice guy offscreen but everyone only sees him as the bad guy. A support group exists for "bad guys" to feel better about themselves. The bartending video game Tapper's is another social area for video game characters after-hours and has autographed photos from various famous video game visitors. Oh and when an arcade game gets unplugged, it ends the world, and people have to evacuate to Game Central Station or they will "die" permanently. Dying outside of your own game also results in perma-death. Those who evacuate will become homeless video game characters, so anyone from a particularly ancient swept under the rug arcade game could become this.

So, about that fourth walling. Of course your characters aren't self aware in the same way as Wreck-It Ralph, but he will still recognize characters from the games represented in the movie as well as other video game icons (Mario is mentioned at one point without appearing). However, a majority of Luceti's video game characters are RPG ones, and I feel that he is less likely to know of these. So, I will kind of automatically handwave that he is unaware of them/their games. But let me know if you'd like Ralph to do otherwise, like recognizing someone from a Bad Anon Support Group meeting or something. And if you want, for video game characters not accepted in the movie, I will accept your own headcanons about how their Wreck-It Ralph counterparts act when they're outside of the games. These can go in the "Comments" section.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other further questions. My plurk name is [plurk.com profile] goreo

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